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Vermont Vermont transferrable reg can be converted to title in ny?

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I read an article a few months ago that talked about that. I can't give you a definitive answer but from what i read Vermont allows out of state registration via the internet and once you have the the registration you then transfer it to another owner or convert it to a ny registration. Dirtbikes don't come with an actual DMV title nor require it (they come with a MCO for proof of purchase). From what i know the DMV does not issue titles for all terrain vehicles but just requires that they are registered. So that means that if you can somehow get the bike a transferable registration that will be all you really need for proof of ownership in any state. If you want to register your bike (providing its not stolen) and you don't have the MCO you can just go to the dmv and file a "Statement of Ownership" form along with the papers for registration, a picture of the VIN and the bill of sale from the previous owner. There are also a few other form necessary for taxes that i don't know off hand.  Also from NY and my YZ has no title or MCO so i will be going through this process shortly. This page off the NY DMV website helped me a lot. Good luck! http://www.dmv.ny.gov/broch/c29.htm

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