TCCRA Caddo Creek Practice Lap

Had some fun with this one. The jumps at the beginning and end were pretty fun.


Now that looks like a fun track !  Man TCCRA is really starting to put some nice tracks together.

Now that looks like a fun track !  Man TCCRA is really starting to put some nice tracks together.


I hate to be Debbie Downer, but it looks better in the video than it really was. The track was very strangely laid out. There were a ton of straightaways for the first half or so, then a ton of pretty tight woods for the next half. The ground was also incredibly rough. It was still fun to ride, though.

that must have been early sat. not many bikes out yet?  it was rough, with no pattern to rough, just rough and dry.  good vid.

Nice video.  I'm the owner of the track, and I raced the night race.  I didn't get to race Sun, was too busy.  I hope ya'll still liked the track.  Not much I can do about the dry, it was August in Texas.  I was a little surprised the fields were as rough as they were.  I wanted there to be plenty of passing places and plenty of air flow since it was going to be hot, so I made them all 15-20' wide!  I was afraid they were going to be too easy.  And I agree, the woods in the back needed to be broken up into two sections, it was about 3 miles long.  The track was supposed to be, the MX track, fields, creek sections (big creek and horseshoe swamp area), fields, woods (behind big creek), fields, woods (behind big creek), small creek woods, endurocross section, then small creek runs into scoring and then start over at the M/X track, about 60%woods and 40% open areas..  I probably spent too much time building the Endurocross sections (remember I had two, a mini one for the PeeWee track) and the M/X tracks.  The woods in the back were supposed to be broken into two sections, and the fields into three (instead of two), but the section of big creek I was going to use to make that happen still had a little mud in the bottom of it and I couldn't figure out a way to make an easier but longer alternate to cross it.  It would'nt have been an issue with 90% of the riders, but I'd have heard about it from the other 10%.  If I decide to put on another race next year, I'll put in more big creek crossings/sections, even if I have to build more culvert crossings.  Each of those culverts has three 2000# each concrete culverts that are very difficult to get and align up down there.  And pretty much all the dirt gets washed away in the winter when that creek has 14' of rushing water running down it, I actually had to rebuild them twice for this race and remark almost the entire track because of a storm that came through two weeks before the race.  I had several very large trees down on the track, some I just marked around and a few I had to cut up.  It was a lot of work!  Anyway, i'll probably do another one, the wife is starting to calm down a bit.  She was very unhappy over the amount of trash left behind.  Probably at least 100 bottles, the plastic ones are not that bad, but several broken glass bottles may be what keeps anyone from coming back.  My hay guy isn't too happy either.  The camping area will be our front and back yard in a few years! Anyway, I learned alot from this race, my first as a promoter.  For one, I spent some time on the tractor Sat morning with the box blade getting rid of the small hump over the culvert at the entrance after a Toyhauler ripped off it's plumbing.  I'm amazed how low some of those trailers are.  I had assumed that because my wife has no problem gtting her Dodge Charger in and out, it would be fine.            

Thanks for your VERY hard work Ray. Just moving around outdoors in the August heat is tough. It is getting pretty hard to find properties especially when the riders do not respect the land or the owner and leave their garbage. Zero excuse for that.

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