2002 XR200 question

Hello all,


Just recently found a used 2002 XR200, and although its possibly too small for me, its been an absolute blast.  I love everything about the bike, except for, the suspension!


I want to increase the travel on the front and rear, and while I have the back shock upgrade figured out, I have searched the forums extensively and can't find the answer to this question regarding the front forks:


Is it possible to increase the travel of the stock forks on the '02?  The best I can figure is that I might need to buy used forks from an 85 - 91 to get a longer fork.  Having said that, is this my only option or can I modify the forks I have to stretch them out a bit?


I have thought about the concept of doing a front end swap, but I have had no luck at all finding a donor bike, so I figured upgrading what I had was the best bet.


So, dollar for dollar, and from what I've read on the forums here, I'm thinking some sort of stock XR200 fork with emulators is the way to go at this point.


Thank you for any advice!



What size are your forks?

What size are your forks?


I believe they are 36mm diameter.  If you are talking about a different dimension I would have to check - I'm a bit new to the technical side of motorcycles.

I bought earlier forks for my kids 02 and put emulators in them.  They work fine with 5 pounds of air.

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