Making a KLX450R street legal in B.C. Canada

Hey guys,


I am really wanting to get a dirtbike that I can use as a short range commuter (with some longer highway rides occasionaly) that can also work well for trails. I've considered pretty much every type of dualsport and decided they were all too heavy and underpowered (DRZ/KLX/KLR650 etc) or far too expensive (the Ktm 530excr's are going for minumum 7000-8000$ in B.C. and Alberta). Today a street legal klx450r  in calgary alberta popped up on a province wide kijiji search. The bike looks pretty great, and at 4500$ it is substantially cheaper than anything else around. The bike has a full FMF exhaust and all the required street legal doo-dads and only 591km on it (claimed by owner); however I am a resident of B.C. and I will likely need to get it inspected to get it insured.


Recently, ICBC has been cracking down on dirtbikes that have been made street legal (I don't know why) and I have heard it is only possible to keep a plated dirt scoot legal if they have previously been grandfathered into the system. This is great as the bike in question is already plated, However for cross province buying I will likely have to go through the inspection process from scratch.


The Bike is one of the early models that came with a VIN designating a klr650, and I am curious to see if this helps ease the pain of inspection. I would contat ICBC to inquire, but frankly I would like to hold on to the ignorance card for as long as possible. So my question is, have any TTers from Canada or even the U.S. run into major problems with registering these bikes for street use? And will the klr650 VIN help or hinder my quest for a green beast that can handle both the road and gruesome trails?


Thank you for the input.

i have an early model, the vin# says its a klr650 dual sport, the DMV never looked at the bike, just gave me a plate after a gave them the proof of insureance/taxes paid papers, so good luck you should not have a problem, :thumbsup:

I have a 2008

I got a plate for mine in alberta

When I move back to bc I'll transfer to there

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