Would you buy a brand new (in the crate) 2007 CRF 80?

I'm about to buy my boys (ages 10 and 8) their first bikes, and have settled on a Honda CRF 80 for my 10 year old and either a Honda CRF 50 or Yamaha TT-R 50 for my 8 year old.

Any opinions on the 50 are welcome (best I can tell the only major difference is that the Yamaha has an electric start), but my question is whether you would buy a brand new (from the dealer) 2007 CRF 80. The bike is still in crate, and I would save about $1000 versus a new 2013. Anything I should be concerned about? I'm thinking the tires may need to be replaced? Any feedback / thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I guess if you are thinking new then why not. Get a look at it in the crate and see what you think. If the tires are really bad then yeah, replace them. But, if they are just gonna be putting around then maybe try using the tires. See if the dealer will even throw in a set of tires.


The electric start is nice for the 50, but IMO it's not worth the extra cash for a kids' bike. Both TTR or CRF are good bikes. My kid has been riding a CRF clone 50 for almost two years. The damn thing is probably 10 years old. We picked it up for $100 and it has taken a beating and still keeps on running. I am not encouraging anybody to buy a chinese knock off, but just to show that older used bikes will work well too.


Good luck. Hope you find what you need. :thumbsup:

how much is the crate 80?


the reality is you will have that bike for 3-4 years, so these are just really rental bikes, they run forever so a used one is a good deal.


we had a 13 year old xr 80 ran like a charm sold it 2 years later.


i would not pay more than 3-350 more for a crate one versus a local used one,


when you go to sell it the "hardly used 1st owner bit" does not go to far


good luck!

You should just buy a used one much more reliable

You should just buy a used one much more reliable

How is a used bike much more reliable than a new bike with the same engine design? Another thing for the op, the new 08 model does also come with a warranty, 6 months I believe. So if you can get a brand new crf 80 for somewhere in the neighborhood of the 1200-1400 dollar range, that wouldn't be too horrible. The nice thing about the 80 is that you can hand it down from child to child. Also, I wouldn't even bother to change the tires out on it, not like a child riding a playbike is going to even notice that the tires might be a bit aged.

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Thanks for the feedback. The crated one is $1,400 plus dealer fees (he won't tell me on the phone how much those will be). However, I just read that the new 125 (coming out in September) is replacing the 80, so I may just buy a new 125.

Imo a Jr80 would be a superior option to the Cr-f, those litttle two bangers go for ever & have a premixer so you dont have to worry about premixing fuel. 

well the 80 is a rock solid 1st bike, trust me if the kids feet cant touch the ground flat footed he will be scared to get on it.


at this age it really is not the size of the motor but the size of the bike, which is why yamaha made L versions, same motor just a bigger bike, honda never did that.


The warranty is almost worthless as NOTHING will happen with an 80 in 6 months


I sold my perfect running 80 for $500, 1k will go far in providing clothes and boots for the new guy.


good luck!

Sorry I meant much better deal because they are usually just as reliable we have had two 80s one a 2002 xr 80 and the other a 2006 crf 80 but we have also had a 2005 crf 100 and they are all bulletproof bikes.

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