Started fine an hour ago now won't turn over

Like the title says it started fine at my house just tried to start it up to leave a clients house and I just hear a click from the relay but it doesn't turn over. If I bump start it it runs no problem. Checked all wires to battery nothing is lose checked kill switch solde joints etc everything looks good. I'm wondering if the relay is bad or if it could be the starter. Anyone?

I had this problem on my SM, I needed a new battery. It might be the solenoid if it isn't your battery

Clutch switch.

check the battery condition would be step one....

All electrical diagnosis starts with the battery..

Get an accurate Key off and Key On voltage.

 Go from there.

I had this same problem on Friday, and of course it happened right when I was about to leave on a trip.  I was able to use this wiring diagram and my multimeter to pretty quickly isolate the starter relay as the source of the problem.  I ordered a new one from Browns family racing for $26.99 and it arrived on Monday( a lot faster than I expected).  I replaced the old one yesterday afternoon and now it starts right up.  If your battery is good, and you're hearing a click in the dash area when you press the starter button, it most likely means that your starter relay is shot.  Mine didn't die suddenly.  For a few days it would work occasionally until Friday it stopped working completely.  Hopefully that's it.  It's a super easy fix and it cost less than $30.


Here's the thread I posted.

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