Cr 250 Timing

i have a cr 250 and i just wanna mke sure the timing is right ..With timing you align the stator marks with the marks on the flywheel. However does the flywheel marks need to line up with the other marks while the piston at the top of its stroke?

The timing is 'factory preset'. The flywheel can only fit on the crankshaft one way. The woodruff key in the crank forces the flywheel to go on only one way. The stator can be slightly adjusted at the bottom but if you have the original untouched stator and original flywheel, then really all you need to do is make sure the line on the bottom portion of the stator aligns with the raised notch on the left casing below the stator. It is rare that you will have to do anything else to set the timing other than align the stator mark with the left casing raised notch. Honda made this really easy for everyone.

If you have a timing light, you can leave the ignition cover off and with the bike running, point the timing light at the lower portion of the flywheel/stator. Every time the timing light flashes, the mark on the flywheel, stator, and left casing notch should be aligned.

If the stator mark does not line up, you can loosen the upper and lower 10 mm bolts on the stator and twist it in the direction it needs to go to line up. If it still does not line up, you can remove the timing mark plate on the bottom of the stator and slightly elongate the holes until all the timing marks align.

The factory service manual shows you how to do that. I'm sure you can find a free PDF copy online somewhere.

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