Project Craigslist...YZ600F

I thought I would share a project I have been working on this summer..I wanted to do a buildup thread with pictures but some pos stole our camera while we were on vacation at the beach and it had all the buildup pictures on it so I only have the finished pictures...

         I bought a 1988 xt600 yamaha  off craigslist about a year ago for $80.00 ....It wasnt running and needed a lot of work...Then this spring I found a 2002 Yz426f rolling chassis (no motor) for $100.00 on Craigslist....I then decided to build a ultimate trail bike by combining the two...It was a lot of work but cost me almost nothing once I sold all the leftover parts...I did all the work myself with no special tools...I cut the front downtube off the XT frame and welded it to the YZ frame..made custom oil tanks that mount where the radiators used to be...It took a ton of work but  came out pretty sweet! I will add some more info and more detailed pictures this weekend if anyone would like to see them...





Very cool project bike! I have always wanted to do something like this. It's good to see project bikes actually getting finished instead of being sold on craigslist half done like so many seem to. how does it ride?!

Nice work man! Looks like you beefed up the rear part of the frame as well?

Looks cool.  How does it ride?

HOLY MOLY thats cool !

Looks factory, very impressive!

Was it a WR frame in fact, or did you weld the kick stand bracket on yourself?


Nice work on the brake pedal.

Thanks for all the great feedback!

       I actually wanted to build something similar to this many years ago when two strokes ruled and I was a 4 stroke fanatic trying to beat up the two strokes with my XR...hehe....there were very few performance 4 strokes back then....I got out of dirt bikes for around 12 years until my son showed interest in them...I bought him a used CRF150f and I got a 07 yz450...I was completely blown away by the 450...I couldnt believe how fast they are now...


     We went for a ride last weekend and it ran pretty good but had a few minor problems...The engine pumps a higher volume of oil than I anticipated and my tank vent line was too close to the oil line input so it would shoot oil out the vent line  when i got on it pretty good...I solved that problem this week by cutting open both oil tanks and installed some baffles, then raised and moved the vent lines...The carbs need re-jetted since the exhaust and intake are now opened up......also, the secondary carb doesnt seem to be opening up fully...The carb parts have come in so I will be tuning and riding this weekend...

      Its heavier than my YZ450 and you can really feel it when it when things get tight...Its not as snappy or quick as the 450 either  but its still a blast to ride....Its got a lot of torque ....more of a tractor type power.....I will be gearing it down more in the future too... I dropped 1 tooth in the front but this thing feels like it will still hit 80mph or more easily....

    Thanks grayracer!        It is a YZ frame..I cut the kickstand mount off the XT and welded it on there... I still need to lengthen the kickstand to fit.. I'm glad you noticed the brake pedal...That thing still haunts took me many, many hours to get it to work properly..Its made from flat steel stock... The frame has been gusseted quite a bit...I will get some more detailed pictures this weekend along with some performance updates....

To bad you couldn't have used the radiators for oil tanks then it would act as cooling system also. I used to ride a TT600 that thing would pull stumps much more low end than newer 450s 

H......O....L......Y......C.....R.....A.....P - I WANT IT! Thats awesome man.

Not to double post but how in gods name did you get it so clean with those old beat up parts?

I really dig that bike. Nice work

I'd like to see how you made that work

Been doing a little more tuning....It has a weird dual carb setup.......I completely dissembled the carbs and added new seals and coasting enricher.......They do not make any larger jets for this carburetor anymore so what I did was purchase a set of metric micro drill bits and I then checked to see what size the hole was in the jets...The main jet measured 1.2 mm which makes sense since its a 120 jet...I went up two sizes on both main jets drilling them out to 1.31mm and up one bit size on the pilot to a .45...I then raised both needles one notch.......These mods really made this engine come alive! Way more power that lurches you ahead now..It starts on 1 or 2 kicks and idles perfectly...A dramatic difference...

    I think I may need to install a stiffer rear shock spring for the added weight of the motor....Not sure what the sag should be.. I did adjust the the preload on the shock which helped out some.....

.I have been learning a lot from this build


ShsFunny-------I completely disassembled the bike and cleaned and/or painted everything...Its not so shiny now anymore since I have been riding it.........

MaxPower...........I will get some more detailed pics next weekend... Thanks again


Saw a blurb on this bike in Dirt Bike.


Googled it this AM.


VERY nice swap.  Makes me want to start cruising craigslist for an old big thumper!

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