SW Washinton Riders?

I'm looking for riders in my area (Vancouver WA) I'm fairly new to the game, but a capable and confident rider. I'm not new to riding, but haven't been on any real "Dual-sport" rides. Where do you like to ride?

Nobody? Come on guys! Lets ride!

For a quick easy, I like to go from town to Jones creek, do a few loops, then go over the mtn towards the honor camp, do some misc logging roads and return.

This is like a 1-1/2 to 2 hour quick way to burn off some steam.

Also interested in doing cougar / carson / etc..

PM me and let's get together.  I'm 41, 450x plated.



I have some trails that sit on the edge of the yacolt burn its pretty rad

try advrider.com pnw section. I am in NW WA, but I don't go south

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