EFM Auto Clutch Review

I'd love to give you guys a review of my new EFM auto-clutch, but I'm still waiting on it. It's been almost a month now without my bike. :) They're still waiting for some shim or something to come in. I'll let you know how it works out when it arrives. Until then I'm riding big blue, but the street just doesn't excite me much any more.


Johnny, how is the auto clutch working on the XR ? Worthwhile ?




I love this clutch. We're still doing some final adjustments on being able to manually use the clutch although I'm perfectly fine with not having one at all. I'm supposed to pick up a new plate from Garry this weekend at the GNCC. I have to admit there are a couple of times when I would like to have a manual clutch, but it's not while riding. I'd like to have a clutch when I'm warming up the bike sitting on the starting line while still leaving it in gear. That and a few other odd-ball times that I just come upon now and then.

But when it comes to riding, I just can't give it enough praise. I'm not a great rider by any means, but this clutch gives me the ability to do a lot better than I could with a regular clutch. At the Steele Creek GNCC two weeks ago, the bike started running rough while I was on the starting line (turns out to have been a fuel problem), but with the auto-clutch I was able to turn a dead last start in a field of 40 into a ninth place finish. This last weekend I won my class in a field of 23. In each case it was simply the fact that I was able to concentrate more on riding than constantly working the clutch. Arm pump was not an issue and neither was numbness in my hands quite as bad.

The starts are great. I leave it in first gear, start it with one kick (thanks to my Edelbrock) and I'm off. Once in the woods, I usually leave it in third gear and just go at it. If it's tight, I drop it down to second and just worm my way through stuff. The clutch just seems to engage perfectly. Uphill stuff it grabs just right. If the engine is lugging, I'll drop it down a gear. If I can see that things will allow me to pick up speed, I just keep on the gas.

There is more braking required with the auto-clutch because when the engine idle drops to idle, the clutch does engage. I noticed though that when doing downhills, just a little bit of gas keeps the engine braking going just enough.

The only thing that I haven't ridden yet with the clutch is really bad mud, but I don't expect any problems. Again I see it more of an advantage because I won't have to mess with it.

It makes a little bit of a squeaking noise before it warms up, but that's the worst I can say about it.

Hope that helps you. I'm kind of like Tom Cruise in the movie "Days of Thunder," I can't describe the way a bike rides and feels.

I can't tell you how the Revloc works, but I can tell you that the EFM auto-clutch is 700 bucks cheaper and it works great. :)


Dustry, rider what sort of modifications were made by EMF to fit the clutch ?



Hi Tom,

The only thing that I know of that was done to the clutch basket was to have about eight or ten screw holes put in (tapped) to screw the autoclutch down to it. I don't believe anything else other than that was done. It's real easy to go back to the standard clutch configuration if you wanted to, but I don't know why anyone would. :)


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