HELP - Lost Jardine exhaust clamp, now what?

Hey guys,


I was up at Hatfield McCoy this past weekend and somehow someway I lost the muffler clamp to my Jardine slip on. I was able to hose clamp it still for the remainder of my awesome time on the trails, but now I would like to remedy this situation. I don't ever like to keep things rigged so I wanted to see if anyone would know where I could find a new muffler clamp.


I found the same exhaust I have on my bike on Ebay at


Obviously, I do not want to buy this as I already have the muffler and just need that clamp. I have not done extensive searching for this at this time, and I hope that someone can help me out with this.


I did find this and I hope it's not the route I have to take :(





call; jardine?   (whoever owns them now), order clamp from mcmaster carr? or fastenall?

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