2013 KTM 500 EXC suspension set ups

I have recently taken about 3/4" out of the rear travel to lower the bike by about 1". It brought the center of gravity down making the bike much more sturdy in flat turns or off camber situations. But I'm having some front suspension issues now.

I'm 6'1" and 195lbs geared up.

My front end seems to be knocking really hard on rocks and ruts. I have no more room in the triple clamps after adjusting the sag

My front brakes seem to buckle the bars, to the right making me crash often while braking.

Should I take the bike into a suspension shop? I currently have the Scott's stabilizer but its mounted above the bars and I'd have to buy a new mount to adjust the front end any more. (See pics)

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1377665066.777991.jpg

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1377665090.439780.jpg

I've never done suspension before but I've heard it's money we'll spent. Any thoughts?

How did you lower the bike originally?

I added a chim to the rear spring. I believe... Had the dealer do it

Shimming the spring is unlikely and would if anything have the opposite effect.

At 6'1" lowering the bike may not be the best option.

I would put the bike back to stock height, set your sag and take a couple days of riding lessons from a pro. Money well spent!

Your springs on that bike are already soft for your weight so the bike should settle in and corner quite well as stock.

Then you can think about mods to improve the suspension action as when your riding skills warrant you will be using it up.

Lots of pro's teach in Ca.

If you want some recommendations just say so as we have trained with several of the best.

I have no more room in the triple clamps after adjusting the sag



Sag adjustment has nothing to do with the triple clamps.

I lowered the triple clamps into the forks. This is why I have no more room from the photo #2

Sag adjustment has nothing to do with the triple clamps.

? :excuseme:

Lowered bike either;

Spring is overly loose allowing the bike to lower at the expense of spring preload.

Spacer placed inside the shock to shorten the shock itself. (correct way in most applications)

Lowing link. This will change the shock/swing arm ratio and may make it blow through part of the stroke. In addition your tire may hit the underside of your fender as it does not limit travel it just lowers the bike.

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