2005 ktm 250 exc four stroke

Hi guys,


Bought a ktm 250 exc fourstroke and looking to change the exhaust on the bike but i can't find one that specifically suits my bike. Just wanted to pick someones brain to see if you know of one that will fit. not to fussed on noise.


thanks in advance

The RFS 250 came with a header which is to big for the 250cc displacement. HT Racing in CA made a correctly sized header (smaller diameter) which along with jetting changes made a big improvement in the power characteristics. Doubt they still carry it but you could try. They also offered a 350cc kit which made a huge improvement.

I'm not sure of what style muffler was include on the Australian bike but again it was a carryover from the 400/450 bikes.



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Hey mate,


Thanks for the info, I was hoping to just change the muffler but looks like I may need to do the whole kit.

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