Buying Used 94 dr350

Hello everyone, I'm sort of new to motorcycle riding just got my license this year, bought a used 95 honda nighthawk 250 and i liked it but i feel i want to go more the dualsport root so ive been looking at my local CL and found a 94 DR350 I figured i ought to come here and get some opinions because the price seems a little steep to me for a 94 at $1500. For me the seasons almost over anyways so i can always keep looking until next year but i think this might be the right bike for me. I just wanted to get a few opinions on whether its worth it or if i should keep looking. Thanks in advance for any and all responses.


oh, almost forgot... heres the link to the CL listing if that helps any.  :ride:

You said it yourself the seasons almost over. Negotiate with him a bit you should be able to get it for 1250 or less if your a decent negotiator.

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