Ktm 300 carb question

So yea last minute trip right here got a week off work and heading to Grand Junction Colorado to do some riding. I have never rode in higher altitude 6500ft my bike is currently set up 0 to 1500.

Do I need to change the jets or can I get away with just messing with that air fuel screw? Bike is a 1998 ktm 300 mxc only mod is a fmf fatty. Thanks

This forum makes jetting easy, but the experts need to know what pilot and main jet you have. Also needle # and what slot the clip is on. Check the number on the slide too. Pull your tank and loosen carb clamps. Take the top off and pull slide out. Now rotate the bottom of the carb out and unscrew jets. This takes 20 minutes and then the pros can get you real close on jetting. You will have a lot more fun on your bike jetted right. Wish i was going. Stan

Okay I will pull it apart this afternoon and let you guys know Thanks

This is for a 1999 but it should give you a good idea.


Thanks yeah I got a pretty well dialed in right now.

On Another word this is gotta be the best place I have ever rode endless amount of trails. Gotta post some pictures from today.



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