XR 400 Rebound Settings

Hi All


When changing my fork oil the other the day the lock nut on the damper rod moved so I had 8 clicks instead of 12, I adjusted it back to get the std 12 clicks, what is going through my mind is you could adjust the nut you can get more than 12 clicks, would this make the forks more tuneable, or are the 12 clicks from fully hard to fully soft the extent of the rebound settings, hope this makes sense.

I don't remember how many clicks the mechanism actually has to it from full in to full out. And whether or not setting it with more clicks changes the range of hydraulic flow, I guess it would depend on the shape of the clicker needle and the location of the bleed ports. The clicker needle may not start to meter any oil until it's at a certain height in the cap, and increasing the number of clicks, giving the needle a lower starting point in the cap, wouldn't do anything.

Experiment and find out.

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