1999 YZ125 overflow, fuel.

I bought my son a 1999 YZ125 and the overflow for the fuel was overflowing at first, he rode it hard for about a month and one day at the track it wouldn't start back up. I got this bike running again after cleaning the carb. and it is still doing the overflow on the fuel. I adjusted the float tab and she still overflows and is using too much fuel. what are some ideas on this?

Replace the float valve. It comes as a kit with seat, needle and an o-ring. The original o-ring becomes cracked and porus and lets fuel bypass the valve.


Let us know how things work out. :thumbsup:

Had the same problem.. I bought a $2 set of o-rings (pack of like 40 various sizes), threw the right size on and it fixed it

Great advice! got the kit and no more overflow. thanks guys.

AWESOME! :ride:


Thanks for the update. :thumbsup:

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