2011 CRF250 Spring Rates

Any recommendations on what spring rates will be good for a 75kg/165lbs intermediate rider. Running the stock ones at the minute and i think the forks are too soft, they feel harsh over bumps but are bottoming when landing jumps and I'm getting quite bad headshake in the fast straights. Race Tech's spring calculator says to use the stock fork springs and change the shock to a 5.1kg/mm but the forks feel too soft to me.


I've got 45mm free sag with 100mm race sag so I think I may need a softer rear spring. The shock feels soft in the beginning of the stroke but i'm thinking this is because I cant put enough preload on the shock with the stock spring.


Has anyone on here managed to get a 2011 CRF setup well and what spring rates did you go with as I've tried everything apart from changing the springs (included a revalve from Pro-Action who said the stock springs should be ok) and cant get the bike handlingicon1.png the way I want it to.


Thanks for any help.

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Springs suit you just fine.

Some tuners like to shorten the shock of various honda model years.


Do you have the headshake when your on the gas, off the gas or on braking?


Why dont you go with RSS or KAS?

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On the gas, normally when the track has a few little bumps on a fast straight. The rear likes to kick out to the side when braking and sometimes when hitting bumps on the gas. But that's not as bad as the head shake. You think those springs should be ok then? Not too much free sag on the shock? I've ordered a pro circuit link so might just try that first and see if it helps.


Tried RSS before and didn't like it, never thought of KAS.

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Yes, you suit the OEM springs quite well.


Head shake on the gas is caused by too less weight on the front or consequently too much on the rear.

In terms of suspension this means your shock is either way too soft or your fork is way too stiff initially.


I rode a CRF 250 2010 recently and the fork was okay with the OEM setup. But I totally disliked the shock.


I dont have the 11 stacks so I cant compare them with the 2010 stacks...


I think you need the help of a tuner anyway.

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I always thought headshake was from the forks being too far into the stroke. I don't think the forks are too stiff as you can push them nearly half the way down quite easily.

Headshake during braking is caused by forks which are too soft.

Well that's messed all my thinking up lol. So the forks could be too stiff at the top and then too soft further down the stroke, causing them to bottom?

I dont know why your forks bottom. My crystal ball is out of order :-P It can have various reasons...

Your fork also be stiff initially because its not  mounted correctly; fork alignment.


As I already said, get professional help. The best case would be a tuner who comes to the track before and after the revalve.

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