Broken Kick Starter

Hey TT I was rising the other day and let my friend get on the bike and he somehow kicked the starter and it snapped at the base. The rod that turns it over is sticking out of the case a little and the other half is attached to the actually kick starter and bolt. How hard and expensive of a fix would this be. Thanks!!

What kind of bike?

That's a tough fix, prolly need a new kickerstarter.  My old Gas Gas had kickstarter issues, the swivel bearing wore out quickly and would slop around knocking my calf while riding.  Buy a better brand kicker if one is available for your bike, the YZ 250 smoker kickstarter would fit the Gas Gas that's what I replaced it with.

I had this happen to my 06 YZ250 last year.  No fun!


I upgraded mine as I fixed it.  I bought a 2001 kickstart shaft assembly (20mm vs 18mm on the 02+ models), had RB Designs enlarge the hole on the side case to accept the 20mm shaft, bought a oil seal from a 2001 YZ250 & bought a used YZF426 kickstarter.  I now have the heavy duty 20mm kick shaft and probably spent less than $100 on everything (including $30 for the machine work).


I found the kickstart assembly used on ebay & the kickstart on craigslist.  Waaaaaaaay cheaper than replacing it with OEM 2006 parts which are bound to break again.

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I had this happen as well on my 05. I did the same as Pincushion but had to replace my side cover as it was broken. I sourced a 2000 yz cover and starter assembly from ebay. I also did the 426 kicker. I had to take a litte off the bottom of the kicker so would not hit the clutch cover. This was a must for me as I run the rekluse and hate pushing a bike out of the woods.

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