Countershaft seal

Ive put 3 countershaft seals in my 2007 ktm 250sx since i bought it last month. I buy the whole kit each time & put it in perfectly but still leaks after a hard ride. Any tips or tricks to fix this would be greatly appriciated. Thankyou!

Whenever I repalce any internal seals, I always put a dab of STP oil treatment along the inside sealing lip. It will stay lubricated during initial startup till the oil can get to it. And hey, if it doesnt work I hear honda has a pretty slick new bike :goofy:   

The All Balls/Moose/MSR kits all include the thicker oring which can solve the issue with different thickness counter-shaft sprockets. 

The 2 most common things that cause the seal to leak are 1. Your chain is adjusted way too tight or 2. You are using an aftermarket front sprocket that has a different thickness.

read my tips in the FAQ, same design for all the 2 strokes

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