xr 650 starter issues

My 650 xr shows 12.7 volts and terminals are clean and deoxed.Switch on and lighting comes on,push start button and light dims,, no click etc,,, could the starter  or solenoid hang up or is there a relay in line curcuit???

if the lights dim it would appear the current is dropping so the circuit is completing however


you can make sure it's in nutral and bypass the solenoid to test the starter and see if it spins the motor


also make sure the motor isn't locked by bump starting the motor


atleast thats what I would do on mine

Been here before on another thread...... put the multimeter on the battery terminals - turn on ignition - press the starter switch - see what voltage reads on meter - methinks it will be much less than 12 volts i.e. battery goosed

Hey guys, thanks for the quick response.. Battery it is.  You would think after 45 years of riding ,I would do better trouble shooting.Guess thats why we have forums .for people having brain cramps   Ben

Just remember the KISS rule when fault finding - Keep It Simple Squire (being polite). 

Before jumping into complicated tests do the very obvious first - too many folks jump the gun and get far too technical. 

good job

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