Anyone ever rode Hidden Falls park in Marble Falls Texas?

Just wondering if anyone has rode Hidden Falls if so how is it? Thanks

A bunch of guys have.  Just type "Hidden Falls" into the search box in this forum and it'll pop up a bunch of information.  Quite a few videos on youtube as well.  I'm hoping to make it out for my first time there the weekend after labor day.  I'll probably go on Friday, Sept 6.

Thanks bud. I'm new to this site, haven't quite learned it yet.

just came in here to look for this place on here...might take a trip up there soon.


im strictly a moto rider but wanna try some trail ridin'

Went there a couple of months ago. Take a trail map with you (free when you come in), I tended to get lost easy. Terrain is rocky. Some decent hill climbs. Nice view from up top.

I wish I made it for the O'Leary ride, but too many things came up.  I've heard good things about Marble Falls though.


Anyone ride it recently and have new opinions?

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