450 crank replacement....what else while I'm in there?

I ordered a complete hot rods bottom end rebuild kit for my 08. Getting ready to tear into it. I'm gonna order a new set of rings (just put a new piston in a few hours back) and a OEM crankcase gasket for peace of mind. Question is, is there anything else I should replace while I'm in there? I've already replaced the cam chain, new steel valves and a new piston. I saw something about a new oil pump, but I don't really see this part wearing out that fast. I would say this bike has about 100 hours on it, but has some wear on the small end of the connecting rod. It's about at the service limit.


Seems like you have a handle on it.


cam chain

crank and crank bearings

maybe a new piston pin on the small rod end



I would inspect the oil pump gear while you have it apart and decide from there they don't fail often but when they do it ruins everything. Check out the shift forks while you are at it. inspect all the gears for chips or pitting. Pull the gears and shafts out check bearings for any rough spots.

After seeing shift fork problems, I would say just replace them while you are in there. Also the countersprocket bearing.

Ok guys, thanks for the advice. I didn't even know there was a problem with the shift forks. I just noticed there's no water pump seal in the gasket set. I'll probably get a new one of those and maybe a new water pump bearing?? 

ck the roundness of your cylinder while you are in there so you work is not wasted.

send your oem crank to www.kennoconnorracing.com for a rebuild, keep it as a spare or sell it off.

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