DRZ400E clutch not engaging when cold.



I have just got back into off road riding after a bit of a break ( twenty years! ). I recently bought a 2007 DRZ400E and I am very happy with it except for one weird thing. 

When the bike has been standing for a few days, I start it and let it warm up but when I go to put it into gear its like I havent pulled the clutch in... it clunks and stalls.

If I adjust the cable out to its max I can get it to engage but then have to adjust the cable back to get it to engage properly. 

Once I do this the bike is fine with no slippage and good changes.


Any ideas anyone?


Cheers, Tallcelt.

This only happens when the transmission is cold??  Maybe warm it up a bit more.  Make sure you have a good synthetic oil in the gearbox so the oil stays fluid at cold temperatures.. conventional oil turns thick like molasses in the cold (even though it's summer now).


If the bike is 6 years old and never had a new clutch, it might be time.  Keep that oil changed and you'll be good with a new clutch and springs.

Could be that H2O is in the oil and causes the clutch to not release properly. One it does release than it would be fine for the rest of the day.


If the radiator  seems to be lower than it was, it could be a amall but continual leak of H2O into the motor. Or it could be from the oil sitting in the engine for a very long time{Condensation]



I think the title of this post is backward.  The clutch does not "release" when cold.  There are quite a few reasons that a clutch does no release cleanly (drags).  One reason is the clutch plates are contaminated.  If friction material transfers from the friction plates to the steel plates, the clutch will drag.  Or if there is rust on the steel plates, it drags.  I would start by removing the clutch pack and clean all the plates, steel and friction plates.   If that does not help, replace the clutch, steel and friction plates.

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