'04 xt225 value?

I think the time has come where my dad wants to stick to 4 wheels, as in atv. Just wondering what an under 1300mi 2004 xt225 with an aftermarket rear rack and hand guards would go for. Bike is in excellent shape with pretty much all 2 track miles on it..

Thanks guys.



  2004 Yamaha

  Suggested List Price : $3,999

Low Retail : $1,355

Average Retail Base Price $1,785     





2004 Yamaha XT225
  • Suggested Retail Value

Excellent Condition $1,920

when purchasing from a dealer

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Thanks for posting that info, I checked it out before posting and wasn't sure If that's what "real world value" was on the bike. Thought some in the "xt" world would know.

Real world maybe different for many reasons , like : how long you want to hassle with selling it . I posted what I would have checked out before buying . I think a lot of , if not most , folks would do the same . Prices might be higher or lower in your area according to supply and demand .

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