CR500 or KX500?

I'm in the market for a big 2-stroke. There are plenty of 1990's and early 2000's CR and KX500's in my area. What should I look for in a used one? what were common problems for these bikes? And what should I do to one to make it track worthy. I don't want to do any AF swaps. too much headache. What is a better choice? I'm a big honda fanatic, but I could use a little green, too :smirk:

Hondas have great reliability Kawasakis have cheap engines

The KX has a powervalve, so the power delivery will be a little smoother.  I have always thought the KX 500 was a little on the homely side.  The CR is definitely more appealing to the eye... But that is just my opinion.  I think suspesion will be key, as with any bike, to get it to run good on the track for you.  I think whichever you can get the best deal on, will be the best bike to get.

Having owned both, I feel the CR's handling is light years ahead of the kawis, the kx has a wider gear spread that's better suited to the desert. As far as issues, one of my CRs developed a problem with skipping out of 5th gear that was caused by worn shift forks. My 03 kx5 had the same problem only it was 4th, but I wouldn't say its really a common problem with either bike.

The only problem I can think of that plagues 500's is cracking pipes. lol

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