250 sx-f 2012 info

Hey guys , i had a ktm 250 sx 2011 so now i had a deal to chnage for a ktm 250 sx-f 2012 with only 9.5 hour on ... My 2 stroke is really too much for me so i want to go on 250 four stroke .. I read a lot on the 2012 sx-f and i thing that i note was that the engine is really slow .. so i wantto know if it's a good bike ?? what i had to paid attention ?? any issue with mechanic or ??

I forgot to say the sx-f had the fmf powerpart complete ehxuats on !!

Its not as bad as the mags say, its more that its a slow revving engine, its faster than it feels

any issue with the engine ?  or with  any part ??

And what about the general feeling of the bike  vs mon old ktm 250 sx 2011 ??

Its a very different feel, much tamer, you may prefer the sxf 350 its more like a 250sx

The motor is solid, been the same one for many years. The 250sxf will be fine . There is plenty of power in it to unlock If you want .If your honest worth yourself you'll know bike speed isn't about HP. If you hit your corners properly and consistently your lap times will drop more than any $500 pipe would.

Thank you !!  i will ride it to test it before do the dela i hope i will love it !!

looking at trading for a 12 ktm sxf.... how did you like it?

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