2014 Crf 250 ride reviews?

Hey guys, anyone lucky enough to have a chance to ride one yet? lets hear about it!

there was a vid i saw on youtube it had a small review of the crf was a euro review guys sounded french but it was in english maybe belgian. it was vague just said the new motor had more pull more bottom end and mid about the same up top.

i swapping parts over tonight from the 13 and getting ready to break it in on saturday,im taking the 13 with me to so it should be good to comapre the 2 back to back once broken in.

will be waiting for a report!! THANKS

Im confused on how the public has them in the US, yet i haven't seen any videos from Racer X or any of those guys. Yet the've managed to put out a video of the pre production YZ which isnt being released until november. The one bike iv ordered and there shit all videos on them ATM. 

just rolled in the door from a long drive, the track was hammered today so it really wasnt a great test seams no one has groomed in a lomg time and with high speed and square edges everywere we werent gonna chance stupid shit.


iam riding sunday and monday locally and i know that track welll so i will have some real comparison from that.i will say the bike has more bottom and mid made 3rd gear very usable without use of the clutch.i was as fast on the rough track with it compared to my modded 13 on a decent track so that says something.





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