Found a brand new 2004 XR650R in Senegal, seriously gummed up carb, nothing to clean it with



Found a 2004 XR650R with less than 500 miles on it here in Senegal. The carb is SERIOUSLY gummed up. I have not seen anything like carb and brake cleaner here. Any suggestions on alternatives for cleaning?


Thanks, Steve

If you have access to an old slow cooker (crockpot) you can put some engine antifreeze (undiluted) in there and place everything in there and leave it on low heat for a couple of days. It will break all that crap down but it may also discolour the carb if you have the heat set too high. DO NOT use the cooker ever again for anything other than cleaning carbs.

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soaking it in Pine sol works very well.


+1..........Pinesol..........soak it covered for a day then take a toothbrush to it,,,,,,,,rince under nice hot water,,blow air through everything really well...



I used Pinesol on the carburetor of a bike that had sat for several years without having any part of the fuel system drained.


It cleaned up all but the tiniest holes after about 24 hours.  I sloshed it around several times while it was soaking.  Make sure that all thin rubber pieces are removed before soaking it.

Pinesol in Senegal,,,they have great music but I doubt Pinesol..we don't even have it here.. :cool::smashpc:


What they may have is lemons,,get a load,,squeeze and filter,,dump the carb in that with all the rubber seals etc out..Possibly add a touch of gin as well..that gives you a Gin Sour,,not a bad drink to celebrate the end of the carb cleaning.

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Try turpentine/mineral spirits.

SEA Foam fuel additive 

Diesel fuel, I'm sure you can get it and it works well. Kerosene will do as well.

Acetone works well. Be careful with it on any rubber/plastic parts.

Coke .... soak it in some coke

Boil in lemon juice, remove rubber bits

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll try deisel and/or kerosene. Lots of that around.


Take care, Steve

Mineral spirits is basically the same as commercial parts cleaner. I have a five gallon bucket of it that all my parts go in to soak, A toothbrush or small stiff bristle brush speeds things up. #1 diesel or kerosene will work good also I would think. Any citric cleaner will brighten up the aluminum, just make sure to wash it off thoroughly before it dries. 

I would also use a good old piece of wire method to clean the jets if you don't have an air compressor around

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