01 TE 570 jetting Q

hi all,


Been off of my bike and TT for a while.  Have an 01 570 and doing a rebuild of carb.  The problems are many after sitting for two years.  I have had it running but not well the last few weeks thus the rebuild. 


Here are my jet sizes;

Starting jet - 60

idle jet - 57

main jet - 162

needle jet - AB264

needle valve - 300

needle - K32


Riding in Nevada approx. 4600' elevation.


The body is getting a full sonic bath tomorrow and fresh screens and gaskets all the way around.  The bike was flat on full throttle on the last few rides after a local mechanic "tuned" the carb to try to resolve the performance issues.


I am prepared to adjust until it is running perfect so I am looking for some experience and a starting point.


Lastly a big shot out to the guys I rode with in Baja a few years ago, Steny, George, his boy and all the others.



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