How much power should I get from my xl600

So I don't know why but I feel like for such a light bike with such a big engine it should really have some balls, all I have to compare to is my xs850 cruiser, its a big heavy bike, with an old motor that's lost a lot of compression, but it'll still go and get me up to 100 mph pretty well

With The 600, I got on the freeway today and at 75mph it felt like it wasnt gonna want to go much faster, if I'm in first gear, sitting back on the seat and I gun it, it'll pick the front tire up about a foot, in second gear it has trouble with a clutch wheelie, yes I'm learning but I expected more power I have a 14t in the front and 48t in the back, I also have a spare 15t and 43t

I've just read lots of people talk about how this bike pulls like a train, I have another 850 size race bike that isn't tuned right at all, and that still pulls like a train, I really have to hold onto the handle bars when it starts to accelerate, and its still much heavier then the 600

The main reason for concern is I have a light knock coming from the head, and I'm worried the bike ate part of its cam, I just adjusted the clearances not to long ago so I doubt they're out, she has excellent compression, with only about 200 miles on new rings and a fresh hone, properly broke in

Now this is the first dirt bike I've ever ridden, so maybe I had my expectations to high, just curious what some of yall think about your power, oh I have a cobra pipe with a uni filter, I'm running 128 and a 120 mains, and I think its still a little lean at 4000ft elevation, need to check the plug

I think the main thing is I whatched countless guys with bikes my size and smaller do a clutch wheelie at 20-30, even 40 mph and balance it, and if I'm cruising along at say 25mph, clutch in rev hard and pop the clutch it'll just yank me pretty good, doubt it gets the tire up more then an inch if anything

Don't know how much power you should get..Clutch wheelies are about technique..You don't want the engine over revving when you start the,,get the thing in say third but slightly labouring..then give it a heap of revs and dump the clutch..maybe sit a bit further back on the seat.. It's not all about revs it's also a bit about giving it a sort of bounce on the front end using a sort of forward back motion with your body as you dump the clutch. They aren't really shear power bikes,,bit like old 70's XL250s which were gutless but good clutch wheelie machines.


I know that with 16/39 gearing which my bike runs on the road I can get to about 130 kph and sit on that all day..If I went to say 140kph I'd be worrying about something melting down if I ran it for to long at that even though it'd handle it fine..I just don't like running at the high speeds for to long even though it probably isn't over revving or I'm sure it'd go to 160kph but it gets to shakey at those speeds..Frontend gets quite the wobble going at anything above about 70mph..yes, it could probably do with a fork brace and new bearings etc..can't be bothered doing them or installing a brace..Knobbly on the front also possibly doesn't help with the wobble be it..I'm not in a road race.

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Ya I know its a lot of technique and practice which I'm workin on, I guess what really got my hopes up was I read somewhere that new from the factory these ran a 1/4 mile in 13 sec at 100mph, now I hate how America measures stuff and I don't quite know the conversion to metric, so it might not make much sense to you, bit its quick...

hmm with your gearing I'd expect a higher cruise speed, but wobble will freak you out, I've had that, luckily I didn't get that on my xl today at high speeds, I guess I need to quit ranting, its still got power, I'm just a greedy s.o.b and want more power's no doubt revving lower than a normal engine,,no tacho so I just go on the motors sound to decide whether or not I think it's over revving..At about 70-80 mph I just notice a bit more of a change in the revs so don't want to overstress things hence I ease it off a bit..Totally sure I could run it a fair bit quicker. I choose not to unless I'm really in a hurry or trying to hang with some large road bikes or hog riders thinking they're the bees knees..


I also sometimes think there's a bit of exaggeration goes on about XR/XL high speed running..sort of mines faster than yours stuff..I also know my speedos inaccurate by a good 10kph.. reads lower than my true speed and I've never trusted GPS readings..DOD inaccuracy is built in..well was in the old days anyway,,can't have the people knowing the truth can we..

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