Just bought a 1989 Honda NX 125.. anyone else have one? (Picture)

I just bought a 1989 Honda NX 125 with just over 4,000 miles on it. I picked it up for $500, runs great just needs a little cosmetic TLC. Its actually pretty clean for being 24 years old. Other than needed a new headlight cowl (original is slightly cracked), turn signals, brake light lens, kickstand,  and a good wash, this thing is ready to be my commuter around town. If anyone else has one of these, or any information about them, I would love to hear from you. For $500, I figured this bike was worth it for being a somewhat rare bike to find in the US. I just love the way this little guy looks! I know its under powered and not a true off road bike, but I think it will make a great bike to take around town. These engines are suppose to be reliable just like any other Honda air cooled engine. I would like to talk to some other rider that own, have owned, or have information on this bike!



Honda NX 125.jpg

125 or 250?? Saw 250 on the pic you posted.  Ya either way for 500 you really cant go wrong!  :thumbsup:

They advertised it as a 250, but when I got there it was a 125.. Still bought it though!

There's a clean one on ebay right now. Why Honda ever quit making a xl for the nx model befuddles me.

I saw the one on eBay,

The fact that it is already is going for more than I paid, with a few days left to bid made me feel better about my purchase. I just wish they had more information on these bikes, such as mods, upgrades, interchangeable parts etc.

I bought a brand new off the floor NX650 back in 89. Loved that bike. wish I still had it.

Good luck with yours. They're sweet machines.

I had an 88' back in 1995. Opened the airbox a little, some jetting tweaks...still slow :)

Amazing how I paid about the same amount so long ago!

I thought it was a bit insane myself. Only worth it to a collector IMO.

I thought it was a bit insane myself. Only worth it to a collector IMO.

That is, if someone would be crazy enough to consider it a collectible..

Everytime I see them for sale they are going for more than 1000. I personally wouldn't of payed that much. It's only a 125 four stroke.. It's pretty much part scooter, part dirt bike, part motorcycle. However im happy with my 500 purchase!

We picked up an 88 a couple of weeks ago for the wife to learn on.  She loves it.

Looks like fun!  I love all bikes... Big, small, fast, slow, whatever.  They're all fun to me!  Good Luck with it.

I have one of theses bikes! 1989 nx125. It's great for what it is. 77AFD8CA-4B1C-4FE9-9BCA-E8FC2C764FEB-459

I bought one new in '89, my first street legal bike. What a great ride.

I bought one new in '89, my first street legal bike. What a great ride.

let's see some pics!

looks like a 250. Beautiful bike. Merry Christmas

Yes...i'm sorry, i didn't realise it was about 125's


Best wishes



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