Ventura Luggage System available in US

I've used their stuff on some prior bikes, and I've found it to be very good quality.  Just last week, they were shipping in the first batch of L-brackets for the US market, so I ordered a system from them.  


Here's their main page:


Some stock pics:  1531.jpg




I ordered it with the Mistral large pack, but also got the short sport rack & sport pack for a tankbag-sized replacement.  All of this is evidently manufactured in New Zealand.  Once the shipment with my order in it gets into the US, they should be then reshipping out to me later this week.  I'll post up detailed pics, any install instructions, and an initial review .  Has anyone played with the Ventura stuff before?

You're a legend.

I just ordered one. I already have ventura bag. I now have a bike that can do everything.

I will be selling my road bike now.

Hey look I have a place for my foot  ... now I can show off doing fancy wheelies !!!   :lol:



Personally i like my rack with the plastic milk crate on it--right now it has my shotgun scabbard on the side of it for Grouse /chucker season :ride:

I throw a back pack on my boy and say .... let's go Bud !!! .....  :lol:   ... that's the truth ...   :prof:

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