The Truth About Mesa Park MX


    First off Mesa Park wouldn't be anything if it weren't for the few experienced mx riders that volunteered there time and equipment to make it happen. Tons of man hrs were volunteered to get the track safe and good and all were told that for there services they could ride it for free. Then after maybe 5 times riding were all told from now on u have to pay.. ($20x5=$100). for all they did is just a slap in the face. It would cost a track building company like dream works $45 per guy per hr just to clean an existing track up with u supplying the equipment. 5 rides does not equal an entire mx track. I feel bad for them and hope they never get conned into something like that again. Then they have had unexperienced people working on the track and it has turned into a joke... 

    All major tracks in fl have held way bigger events such as gold cup series, winter ams, fl series exc. and have had less injuries or deaths than this place thats only been open for a way shorter time than the rest. It is not safe anymore do to lack of experienced people running the show. After the experienced track people were told there 5 free rides outweighed there services the new people ruined the track and now have jumps one week that r peaked to the moon then the next week will be the complete opposite. They have concrete walls that run parellel to afew strait aways people have ran into, in between lanes they have low ditches next to them to wreck in. Also lanes are way to narrow to hold any legit race. ftr mx is the only race that will come there. People have requested for them to say open till dark 2 day's a week but they won't. But ask for invester's on facebook and free labor to keep the best track in florida open.  

Not you again! :cry:


You seriously need to move on in life with this, what is two years now you're butt hurt over something with this track?

Yep, good ole F&S rantin' and a ravin'. :rolleyes:

Life just doesn't get any better for him.

Don :thumbsup:


btw, track was good Sat., one spot had to be closed since it got too much rain but they were working it the whole time I rode till I left!!!

Go away.

Never been there, what's the normal attendance like? It takes money to operate or it won't last and you won't have to worry about it anyway. The deal is, if the conditions are shitty and unsafe anybody that currently goes there will eventually go somewhere else if it continues. I think I speak for most of us when I say I'd pay a premium and travel just like anywhere else I ride if the track and word of mouth is good... PERIOD 


Before yo make any judgement on a track please go ride it and then you can post your story.

Like any track (AND LIFE) there are good days and bad days, they have a guy from Michigan that is investing time and labor and $$$ to make it better. I spoke to him about the area tracks, my thoughts on a new style race series, and what I think I would like to see in a track layout.

Just my $.02 worth,


Drove a long way to ride there and liked it a lot. My dogs even liked it. Going back for the next FTR MX race.

I've ridden Mesa quite a few times and it's always different.  The jump faces will be great one day then crap the next day, but I've never felt it to be too dangerous to ride.  The only change to the track that was an absolute nightmare is the "whoop" section that was added last month.  Only the top A-B riders were able to go through them while everyone else either had to roll them or go around.  I'm not sure if they're still there since I haven't been in about a month due to the rain.  Seems if the track gets a sprinkle they have to close off the front two lanes.  

I look at Mesa as a good practice track, nothing more.  I'd never dream of trying to race on that track.  The lanes are too narrow and there's ponds between or around most of the lanes.  If you go off the track in a lot of places you're going for a swim.  

Now that Bithlo is redesigned I'm riding there instead of Mesa.  Thundercross is still my first choice when I'm up for a little drive.  If I'm really pressed for time and can't live without a ride, then I'll go to Mesa.  I'll probably head back in a few weeks to see if they made any changes.  

If Mesa were open till dark during daylight savings I would've ridden there at least once a week.  I've asked them to stay open, but obviously they never did.  

The sand is awful at Mesa, I will never go back there...

Sounds like you need to go to Bartow, Bithlo or Bostwick then.

The track is currently shut down and undergoing a major over haul.  Can't wait to see how they improve the track!

On Facebook she said she hired a guy who's experienced with tracks and riding. They are going to bring in clay to raise the front two lanes to keep from flooding.

Wow, What a whiner.

DUDE!!!! This is M O T O C R O S S. It's not supposed to be easy. If you're worried about walls, ditches, etc. Sell you bike, get some bubble wrap and wrap yourself and play ATV vs MX on Xbox or PS.


I bet if you had your way the ISDE would be held on safe paved roads with speed limits posted.

The track is so good theirs a new lease holder now because it's such a wonderful track that everyone was going there to ride to keep it open that it closed down. The new lease holder isn't doing a major over haul nor bringing in that much dirt. He has made some changes but alot more need to be done. I do have mx vs. atv alive and whenever u want to drop the gate with me lets doing it. It's a ftr track not a motocross track. It's funny how every rider from around are area will pass mesa to ride three times a week at a different track.

I will say the new guy is trying to make a differents but not sure what he wants to do because two slow guys will tell him the track is great but they don't know what a good track is. But they aren't the guys that will come three times a week to train like the young kids that race every weekend.

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