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2005 CRF450R

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Guy's and gal's bear with me i'll try to quickly describe the issue i'm currently facing. 

In 2005 I bought a 05 CRF450R off the showroom floor at TRI-COUNTY Corbin,Ky. The purchase receipt has it listed as 'NEW' so keep that in mind. 

I lived in Indiana and the bike was stored in Kentucky at my mothers house and since 2005 I have only come down a couple times a year and rode around the house other than maybe 4 trail rides on this bike. I'm not sure the exact hours timed on the motor, but I would guess maybe a years worth of wear has been done. 

Not long ago the bike started backfiring so I checked the clearances, mic'd the old shims used the calculator put in some new hot cam shims and even with the timing chain area covered somehow the shim fell out of the cap and fell right into the corner lol down in there. Not knowing at the time I could have taken the stator cover off I took the head off it to fish it out with a magnet. That's when I noticed there was 'USED and a part#' engraved on the head which at the time I was like what the crap, but it didnt really bother me that much so we put it back together and to make a long story short the bike fired back up and all was good except it had a throttle hesitation that the bike had from the day I bought it when going from idle to mid range.. 

So I looked on the net and after doing the most common fixes with still no success I read that shavings can get on the stator or the solder on the wires might have somehow developed a issue so I decided to take the stator cover off and thats when I found a bigger issue. 

Looking at the bottom end of the motor there was spider web like cracking all over it and there was one spot that looked like a hot soder iron or something had rubbed across the crack and the texture of that area was totally different than the rest of the bottom end from the view inside the stator cover. These look more like molding defect's than damage and the area where the texture was different and appeared something had rubbed across it really blew my mind. 

So to recap real quick it had USED and a part # written on the head and the cracking with the appearance something hot had rubbed over some of the cracks for whatever reason. I am the only owner of this CRF have never let anyone else borrow it, never been worked on other than what I had mentioned before as far as the engine is concerned and the gaskets and everything on it is all origin except the shims. 

I called the place where I had bought it no more than 10 minutes after I found this out and did not expect much of a response but just wanted to let them know that it was b.s. and I was not happy with it and overall the shady nature of the sell. I was forwarded and told my story a couple times when the manager I assume told me to bring the bike in we'd take photo's and send it to Honda to see what they say about it. So far my experience there has been good as I assume they were not the ones responsible for this and likely a worker made a mistake or tried to cover up instead of getting in trouble for a mistake. 

So a few days go by and before I had the chance to take it to the place I had bought it for the pictures I called Honda Powersports and described my situation, gave them my VIN# and was quickly shot down with the following comment 'you bought a race bike the moment those bikes are purchased there is no warranty' and I kept trying to explain to the guy well that might be true but to sell something listed as NEW on the showroom floor as NEW with USED parts in it .. what does that have to do with any kind of warranty? that is more like a lawsuit if you ask me (i dont know and thats not the route im trying to take although i probably should) .. 

I never got anywhere with the Honda Powersports representative and at this point its looking like Honda could give a crap less if they sold me this bike. 

I will take some pictures and upload on this post for you guys to see and update what happens when I take my bike to have the photo's and let the place I purchased it try to do what they can about it.. I just wanted to tell my story and see what others might say or advice they can give me in this situation. 

So until next post .. anyone who has something positive please let me know so I can make the best decisions it's always best to have advice.. If your just trolling I will ignore you. I'm only listening to the people who have the decency to lend a hand to a fellow rider. 


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Take the bike back to the showroom, all nice and clean, with all your pictures and documentation, and demand all of your money back.

Don't leave until they give you some measure of satisfaction.

You will not get all of your money back, because you waited way to long to address the issues.

Honda USA is not involved in this, it's all on the dealer.

...but would call honda to find out who to send an email to about this dealer and their practices, and make sure you bring a copy of that email with you.

You need to talk to customer service, not tech support, and not sales.




If you have a lawyer friend, make sure you put all of you printed documents on his letterhead. 

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