2002 YZ250 bogs at full throttle

I need some help.  Rebuilt top end, just rebuilt entire carb.  Rides great at low (1/4 -1/2) throttle.  Once you pin it it stumbles and bogs right down.  Not an issue for me because I never ride wide out, but would like to get it figured out.  Stock rebuild kit, bike has aftermarket fatty pipe. Inputs please.

Sounds like it is too rich on top. Drop down a size on the main or 2.

Does it die like you pressed the kill button (too lean) or does it die like it's drowning, with a gurgle or a pulsing (too rich)......

Bogs down like its drowning I guess. I tried to attach a video here to no avail. Stock rebuild with 178 main jet, 50 pilot, clip set at 2 per fact specs. I just found a rec online by fmf saying the stock jets are fine, also advised clip at third. I cant imagine it would run that poorly from just that though.

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