who has a 450 motor apart?

I need to know if I pull the clutch can you see the bottom oil drain? Mine is stripped and dont know if I need to just pull clutch or split case.

Lots of ways to fix with-out pulling motor apart, also drain is on left side case.

Pretty sure you would have to split the cases! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Can't you heli-coil it? Use grease on the tap to catch the shaving's.

I tried to tap still no go. I need to drill bigger and retap. There are two drains, its the bottom one.

What about a heli-coil? that's what I would do!

You still have to drill and tap to put heli coil in. My dad said to put grease on drill and tap and to run some mineral spirits to.flush out any metal then change oil couple times

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Helicoil or kneedit

hold your vacuum cleaner next to the drill as you go. will catch most of the shavings.

I have my motor apart on a 2011 450 and you can see where the drain bolt comes through the case after you pull the clutch basket

Argh lil late but thanks lol. Already drill and tapped to a 3/8 24 bolt. Good so far.

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