Highway/Road Tire Wear Air Pressure

I know this is probably buried somewhere in some thread but I cant find it so Im asking.

Im wondering about tire pressure on the road for my 500. I am wondering is there a 'best' pressure to minimize tire wear on the highway and road? The manual says 20psi on road, but I just wanted to double check with ya'll.

Thanks in advance!

i did 35 psi one time and felt like valentino rossi.

the manufacturer recommended are fine. if you are going to do a lot of street riding get the wheels balanced.

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+1 on the recommendation for getting the wheels balanced, best $50 I spent.

It totally changed the road riding from an arm tiring judder fest to a smooth vibration free joy ride.

I bought some stick on wheel weights from RMATV and balanced my own wheels.  Just remove the wheel from the bike and put the axle thru it.  Hold the axle with both hands and let the wheel spin and settle out.  Can speed it up by stopping the rotation periodically by letting the tire hit the ground.  When it settles out, place a weight at the uppermost part of the wheel (clean the rim with alcohol for the best longevity).   Keep repeating this process until the wheel doesn't rotate anymore.  I've had the same weights on the bike through 3 sets of tires and haven't lost one on the trail yet.  Total cost was around $10 and an hour of my time for both wheels.



Thanks guys. Already have em balance but its always a good tip.

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