06 RMZ 250 jumping out 5th(pics)

Bike has been jumping out of 5th gear, but only under load, can be gentle on the throttle and it will remain in 5th. Split the cases and all the gears look in surprisingly good condition, there is slight rounding of the dogs on 5th, and the right output shaft fork and more so the drive shaft fork have bad wear.

Could the damaged forks be the sole cause of 5th jumping out ? As i was under the impression worn dogs or damaged gears caused jumping out of gear, wich would then damage shift forks.

Here are some pics of 5th gear, the drive shaft fork and right output shaft fork. Any info appreciated thanks







That looks ok although I would replace those with new ones while you've got it cracked open. I would look toward your shift fork/gear selector for the problem.

Thanks for the info. Forgot to mention the selector barrell also appears to be in very good condition, cant see any wear. Think maybe a previous owner might have mashed a few gear changes, bending the forks.

Unfortunately that's a common problem. Some people think that it's ok to mash on a delicate piece of machinery. I actually thought my shift fork was bent one time and turned out to be my clutch. If you have issues of the bike being very difficult to put into gear in some cases it's the clutch. Usually when I've had clutches burn up it won't start rolling until the clutch lever is all the way out but that time didnt produce those symptoms.

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