Need help with Vapor Speedo install

Hey guys, I am lost when it comes to installing the speedo on my 01 DRZ400e. Does anyone have better instructions or close pictures to look at? I already have the tachometer part installed just not the speedo cable i.e. where to mount magnet, sensor


Model is Trailtech Vapor Speedo and Tach 75-301

The temp sensor mounts in the top of the left hand radiator, just remove the bleeder screw and replace it with the temp sensor.


For the speed sensor replace one of your front rotor bolts with the provided bolts with a magnet in it. Then the speed sensor gets mounted to the front brake caliper bracket, like so:




Hope that helps!


Thanks for the pics guys. I have the huge aftermarket brake also so that's why its a little different. I will try it out tomorrow.

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