I have to ask...

Yes, I know but....I thought I'd ask anyways?

So what weight engine oil are you guys using in the later year wr450's? And no I'm not starting a brand war since I and every one has there favorite oils. If you would like to add the brand great but its not a brand war.

Being in SoCal, the heat is more prominate here and since the manual covers such a large range of weights I thought I'd ask. For my te310 I'm using a 20-50 and thought I'd stay with that however the wr might like a different weight instead. Has anyone noticed and side effects with a 20-50 oil?

Oh, ya....be kind(g)

here it goes from frost at night up to plus 30 (Celsius) in the day at times so I use 10w40 (specifically synthetic ipone) in just about everything. I would say the 20w50 would be good. maybe 20w40 or 15w40 would help cover those "cold" days in cali.

I use what's on sale by the gallon at the outdoor motorcycle swapmeets. 

Usually 20/50 spectro or Motul 5000 or higher

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