08 clutch with washers

I am doing a race soon and it's too late to get a new clutch kit and I've. Checked all my minimum spec for my clutch and the fibres and plates are only just in spec but the spings are out of spec. I want to get temporary more spring tension and I'm thinking of putting a washer or two on the spring to give them more tension.

If you haven't already fixed it, don't add washers. Get yourself another steel and add it to the middle of the clutch pack. So you will have 2 steels sandwiched together. Adjust the clutch alot until you have little to no free play. You need to make the adjustments on the cable and not on the clutch pearch. It will work like a champ and your clutch won't slip. I've been doing it for years and we barely ruin a clutch and that's on a 450 also. The clutch pull is a little harder, but it works.

Thanks I might try that

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