2001 yz 250 carb onto 97 cr 250 ?

I would like to know if you can use the 2001 yz 250  carb on a 97 cr 250


Thanks in advance



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the cr250 ignition is wired to the power jet on the carb so does the yz carb have a power  jet ? if not then I wonder would the ignition still work well with out a powerjet hooked up?

I have thought about this  because I have a 97 cr250 ignition and carb on my cr500 and contemplated drooping on a pwk39 or bigger

I know my 99 yz250 carb has a power jet, and no TPS.

The 02 yz250 carb has TPS and power jet.

The 01 will at least have the power jet if not a TPS as well

The short body PWK, like the '00-up YZ250 carb, will not work on any pre-04 CR250. It's too short.

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