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Stage 1 hot cam with new OEM rockers?

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Hi guys


Just wanted to know if i can use new OEM rockers with a new hot cam?

Or is there a aftermarket rocker that is up to it?


What do you all think about the stage one cam with the 310cc kit?  Will I have more or less bottom end than the stock 250?

Also What do you think about the xr only header with this combo? If i use the header as well will i lose more bottom end?   


I Want to set this bike up for hard enduro so good bottom end is important to me.



Thanks for your help I am new to rebuilds. 

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If the XRs Only header i.d. is bigger than stock, then, yes, that usually means a loss of torque over that of stock.


You don't say whose cam, so I assume Hotcams. This is a link to the stage 1 for an XR250. It's says it's a midrange to top cam.



The 310cc may offset any low end loss, don't know. Will take someone that has done what you're considering to tell you for sure.

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