Need 450X springs

I'm a 200 pounder riding a new-to-me 250X.  The stock fork and shock springs are uh, ....inadequate.  I can ride it but it'll never be as plush as it should until it's sprung correctly for my weight.


Anybody have takeoffs from their 450X laying around?  They'd be about the right rates for my bulk on the 250X.



A stock 450X springs are set for 165-180lbs.

I have  stock fork and shock springs if you need them, PM me

I have a set of Honda upgrades (honda sevice manual part #).


You can have them for the shipping - (from Canada, though).


El Mur.

Oh, correction.  Oddly, I already have the shock spring I need.  Turns out the DRZ400 and the CRF's take the same shock spring.  I have one in the garage (from years ago)  in  a 5.5 spring rate - exactly what I'm looking for.  Red too.


Who woulda guessed I already had it?  Only found out by cruising ebay - noticed the cross reference and checked it out.


I do still need the .46 stock fork springs though.

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