DRZ 125L

I recently purchased an 05 125 in fair condition for a fairly cheap price with hopes of restoring it for my girlfriend only to find out they do not make after market plastics for it other than OEM, the bike runs good and what not but I'know little about dirtbikes because I ride quads. I want to put black plastics on it, my question is what year parts are interchangeable with an 05 and what are a few things that aren't to costly can I do to give it a little more get up and go?

Before worrying about "get up and go", make sure it's running right.

Here's what I recommend you do with any newly acquired four stroke dirt bike:

Clean the carb. I like this pictorial: http://articles.superhunky.com/4/21 Drill a small hole through and use a sheet metal screw to pop out the mixture screw cover.

Clean the gas tank and fuel lines. All you really need to do is dump the old gas (your lawn mower will like it just fine), pour some fresh in, slosh it around the tank and pour that too in the lawn mower.

Since you have the tank off, the one maintenance item that the DR-Z/DR/SP series needs about once a year is valve lifter adjustment. If you don't know how, search this forum, I'm sure it's on here a dozen times. Specs: INTAKE: .08-.13 mm (.003-.005in) EXHAUST: .13-.18 mm (.005-.007in)

Change the oil, clean the air filter and put the tank back on if you haven't already.

Last, start the bike and let it warm up.  Now follow the instructions in this article to set the idle speed and mixture screw. http://articles.superhunky.com/4/21

Chain, sprockets and tires, almost forgot those. 9 out of 10 bikes I've bought the chain sprockets and tires are pretty well spent. 8 out of 10 times the hand levers are bent too. I bend 'em back after heating them with a torch, but it's usually easier to buy them especially if the ball end is broken off.


That's going to make any used bike run way better right off the bat. Yes, there are tons of things you can do to a DR-Z125 to make it make more power. Your imagination is the only real limit, how about a TURBO? Yes, I'm serious. Me personally, I like the DR200 powerplant with a Mikuni VM24 from a KX60 and a SuperTrapp pipe (the others are insanely loud and aren't worth it), but the real beauty to this bike is that it's cheap to buy, cheap to maintain and if you buy it used will hold it's value for ever and ever.


Plastics are a bit of a problem, but I'd look on eBay for used ones. You can also search for KLX125 plastics, that's the green version of this bike made by Suzuki for Kawasaki from 2003-2006. To my knowledge, all DR-Z125s share the same plastics in the US, however, other countries got a dual sport version so the rear fender and front number plate may be different there.


We won't mock you too much for being a quad rider, admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery. Welcome to the forum.

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I believe they changed the drz plastic in 2007. So anything pre 2007 drz or klx 125 should work. After 2007 they updated the plastics for the newer look. The rear end plastics will work without modification as long as you change out the number plates to match the newer rear fender (2007 or newer). The newer style tank will require a few welded mounts and a bracket. The front fender and plate should bolt right up

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