Ryno power supplements

Any of you guys tried them? Which ones? Are they safe?

I never really used or thought I needed to use any supplements for racing and training, I'm a very good eater, drink water and train hard. I tried random shelf mixes at different times but never noticed. I've been racing at a high level for awhile and I bought a gold package January of this year just to try it out. I personally noticed in the first week in the gym and on the bike. I go by the site recommendations for the most part but don't overuse or use during every work out now. The motivation is my favorite. I bought my first package on their site and was sold so I sent in a race resume and have been using it when I need it since. :)

The reason I find the motivation to help the most is because at times I have a hard time keeping my mind focused for the whole race. I start thinking about unrelated things and at speed a mental lapse can cause big trouble. I find I can stay in the zone easier and longer. Just look ahead, no other thoughts on the mind and go. That was the biggest change for me.

I redacted my statement lol

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