Currently riding a 450X thinking of upgrading to a newer 450R

I've been riding a 2005 Crf450x for about 2 years now and while i love the bike, I just don't know if it's the best for me. I previously rode a CRF150R expert and prior to that a CR85 big wheel also. The 450x was sort of a hand-me-down from my dad or I probably would've gone with the R model. I only ride in the desert but I wouldn't mind trying out a couple of my local tracks. Even in the desert sometimes i feel that the 450x is just a little too heavy for my liking and wish I had something I could throw around a little easier. I've been eyeing the 09+ 450s ever since they came out and was wondering what your guys' opinion on the EFI is. After some looking around on here I've noticed a lot of people really like the 07 & 08 models. Anyway, I'm just trying to figure out whether upgrading to an 09+ would be worth it or not or if I should look into an 07 or 08 and stay away from the EFI. And if that's the case, would it really be worth upgrading in the first place?

Huge, huge difference between the X and any year R.

The '07 and '08 have the most similar motor and handling feel to the X, but they are soooo much lighter in all respects, and have a more rear weight bias.


I own a '08 R with a stock motor and suspension and ergo changes.


I also own an X with full stage three port and polish / '02 R cam and full suspension work and it's a blast in the desert.....if there aren't too many whoops for too long.  Which of course, there are.

The X requires twice as much 'muscle' to hold a line at speed or to keep on top of the whoops at speed.

But, when you are going slower, especially at sit-down pace, the X is much less busy and much more comfortable. It's still the best handling bike I've ever owned.

But then again,  as soon as you start going down a long, steep, loose terrain hill, it's a bear to keep the X on it's line, and slow it down without using up the whole trail.

With the R you can stop where you want and start where you want.


I say get both!    

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Try a find a nice 08 R

Get an 07/08, or a 2013. 

Used to hate on the 09-10's back when I was on my 06 crf250r. Bought the first FI crf I ever actually rode. Will never go back to another carbureted bike. Handles dreams ahead of the 05-08 crf's in my mind. Over 120 hours on my fuel injected 450, the only thing bad was I did lose my decompression pin at about 60 hours. Gear it anyway you want, set the suspension up, and it will blow your mind away how smooth it is.

If you like the 450X. but dont like the weight. you ever think about a CRF 250X. I would keep the 450X.

An 09 honestly takes a lot to turn into a desert slayer.

The suspension will kick your ass.

The gearing isn't good for the desert you need 14t front.

The 50mm throttle plus the mapping makes for bad behavior when going from closed to open throttle in low traction situations.

So it need suspension work, a merge knuckle, 22mm offset clamps, a steering dampner, mapping, gearing. And if your like me you'll eventually need new wheels :p.

Then it still has this ceartain push to oversteer charecteristic you'll never get rid of.

Mines still a work in progress.

The 09-12 efi bikes get a bad rap ,but are actually good bikes once set up.   Owned an 09 that was dialed with MDK suspension, stock link & oem 20mm clamps.  In the process of sorting out my 10 model with the suspension being sent out next week to FC.

Also owned 05 & 06 models that were bullet proof with the same engine & chassis but refinements to the 07-08 models.  The 09-12 bikes fell lighter, nimble & turn better in comparison.   After owning an efi bike it would be hard going back to a carbed bike.  If you can ride one try it out for yourself.  

I've also ridden my neighbers 05 CRF450x & it feels like a tank in comparison to the new efi R models.        

I am running a 2008 450R. And I like it, I have only ridden the 09 450R (no newer EFI CRF models) and was happy to get back on my bike, but my 08 is heavily modified for my size and riding style. I weigh 125 lbs, run stock suspension springs with different valving for desert racing. 

I have heard good stuff about the 13' though, but no personal experience.

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