Exhaust on dr350


Can any Uk members give me advice on what and where to get aftermarket exhaust. I am after a complete set, front pipe and can, preferably larger diameter bore to open it up a bit. I am fitting a new Mikuni tm33 carb with air box mod.





I have a whyte bros (I think) can sat in my workshop doing nothing, I changed it for a stock one when I first bought my DR as my bike is parked right outside my neighbours window. The bike sounded great with it one but I never actually rode anywhere outside of works car park with it on as I was doing a load of other work on the bike at the time, the carb was jetted all wrong and someone had put the wrong CDI on the bike... I'll get a photo on monday and if it's of any interest to you let me know.

Is it just the can or complete system. What bore diameter. Photo if possible.

Thank you

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