How to raise your suspension

The previous owner of my 02 yz 250 had the bike lowered, being tall this affects my riding, how could i raise the suspension? Forks and all

It involves removing spacers and on forks you normally have some way of using different springs or altering the height of the spring seats, not a job for a newbie

The rear suspension can be raised by changing the linkage and if possible, raising the sag level.  Raising the sag will stiffen the shock.  For the forks, make sure they are all the way up in the triple clamps.  The previous owner could have had the springs cut down.  Check the basics and don't be afraid to contact the previous owner and ask what he had done.

You need to find out what exactly was done to lower it, then get it undone.  Some actually shorten the travel of the shock or fork, use a lowering link on the shock, or raise the forks in the triple.  Looking at your linkage and the fork height in the triple would be a good start. 

run youre forks as flush as possible with your tripple camps..get a new rear spring for youre weight and riding style 120$ or so taller seat good for taller people also taller rise handlebars chigh bend is my pref.. or possible adjusting youre current ones forward a bit might be nice to open up the saddle zone or when all else fails... grow smaller jk.

As said, need to find out how it was lowered. Some guys just slap on a linkage and slide the forks up in the clamps, or even just run a ton of sag. Or it could have internal spacers, cut springs, revalve, chopped and rewelded subframe, cut seat, etc.

How it was lowered will determine how you can raise it back up.

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